• Cyberbuddies Mobile App Usage Rankings 2018 - my top ten most used apps this year

    As we draw the curtains for 2018, let's take a minute to look at the mobile apps that have come to shape our way of communicating. While most of us started our use of the internet for communication at the level of electronic mail or email, there is no denying that other technologies have come to compete with this method first by using the email as a platform for business growth/user verification then eliminating it altogether and focusing on the mobile phone number as a means of user verification while communication is being taken over by other apps. Here are my top ten most used apps based on where I communicate the most with new/old friends and customers on mobile, tablet and desktop. 


    The Bible app is always on standby for references in case I need some clarification on some issues and while I don't want to come across as a religious bigot, the Bible is indeed a must-have and must-use for everyone using a smartphone these days. Because I always plan my day, week, month, year; Note is useful for writing quick ideas and reviewing them. Sometimes I include account payables/receivables and other data/information that I can't keep in my head. The Bible and Note are at a distant tenth because other apps took more of my time in 2018

    9. YOUTUBE:

    If data was more affordable in Nigeria, YouTube might be at number two for me because I love videos however, I had to cut down on internet consumption. I subscribed to a few pages in 2016 and 2017 e.g Alux, School of life, House on the Rock, Dog training videos and I never missed any of their videos but in 2018, I had to be more frugal with my data consumption. So I place youtube at number nine

    8. BANK APPS:

    Transactions go on every now and then and sometimes the shortcodes don't work so these Mobile apps can be used to send money, confirm transactions, buy airtime, make payments. They fall at number eight in terms of usage frequency in 2018

    7. CAMERA

    I love to create great photos and videos for Instagram. Even though I don't get to share all of them, my phone app was an important part of the creative process in 2018. It is at number seven

    6. GMAIL:

    It would have been a competition between the default email app on my phone and Gmail but GMAIL allows me to see attached files on my sent folder and it syncs my official email on laptop with mobile so that what I see on mobile is the same as web unlike the default email app which doesn't have this feature. All I have to do is use IMAP instead of POP during configuration. I've since moved all my official email accounts to Gmail and that makes GMAIL the sixth most used app on my phone.


    While I communicate on WhatsApp and Instagram and check emails, I love to listen to good music or audio books. This app can easily be the most used app of the year in terms of the number of hours I kept it on and working, but it comes at number five because I'm usually thumbing at other apps while I listen to good sounds coming out of it.


    Meeting new people every day means updating my address book daily as well as making and receiving calls. This app even though it was the basis of creating the original telephone drops at a distant fourth in terms of usefulness for me in 2018

    3. CHROME:

    I do a lot of research. I have an average of 10 questions popping up in my head on a daily basis and I always "Google" them. When I get answers, I share on WHATSAPP and other platforms. Then every now and then I see an interesting advert with a link that redirects me to Chrome, I get on it again. An interesting feature that complements its ease of use and access is its ability to remember my previously searched keyword phrases and websites visited whether I use it on mobile, tablet or laptop. Chrome is the third most used app for me in 2018. Sometimes I use it to check Facebook, Twitter and even Gmail.


    I posted my first picture on IG in 2013. That's exactly five years ago. I was testing the app on Bluestacks because it wasn't available on BlackBerry. It was just made available on Android and I had to check it out. Only iPhone users had been posting their Instagram pictures on Facebook and Twitter up till 2013. With this Android app release and Bluestacks allowing me to simulate Android on my laptop, I used my laptop webcam to share my first picture on Instagram. I got no likes after many days so I dumped the app only to come back after I got another Android phone. The rest is history, I have gained a lot of followers on Instagram and have made sales to a lot of them and that makes it the second most used app for me in 2018

    1. WHATSAPP:

    When I first saw WhatsApp in 2011, it was not as fluid and popular as Blackberry Messenger but from my experience with Microsoft Windows operating and its popularity over Apple Mac operating system because of its ease of access using other people's phone number to reach them online and the cross-platform usability - all IBM type pcs could use the Windows operating system whether Dell, HP, Toshiba etc. I knew that WHATSAPP would become just as popular as Windows and even beat Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on the long run because BBM ran a closed system - the BBM app, subscription and mobile device did not allow outsiders to come in. WhatsApp runs an open system, it has won the race for the best messenger app and it remains the most important app for personal communication and business in 2018. From WhatsApp audio and video Calls to voice notes and the latest innovation of status updates, this app has become the most important app on my phone. I am a member of numerous groups and I sell here more than anywhere else on the internet because the Nigerian internet users have trust issues and prefer to relate with sellers on a personalized space for a while before committing their funds. I honestly don't know the number of people on WhatsApp who keep waiting for my posts, sometimes I am shocked when I get a dm from someone who claims to know me better than I know myself and they are right. Thank you, WhatsApp!

    For me, digital marketing is a lifestyle. It is important to balance marketing online and keeping up with friends and family so reaching the balance is what drives the decision to use these apps most of the time. The choice of apps is not likely to change in 2019 unless someone launches a real game changer like this

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