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  • Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

    Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

    Hello everyone,

    I am glad to finally bring you the product of my research on Digital Marketing over the last decade via this blog. I have lied to myself that I am not ready to start sharing my knowledge because my experiences might just be personal not necessarily beneficial to readers but since I published my presentations on Social Media Marketing here and a lot of people came to www.cybuds.com Cyberbuddies's official website to download it and I am currently going through my Google Digital Marketing Certification training while creating my own course on Udemy.com titled How to gain 20,000 followers on Instagram just like me here Instagram.com/idowuolayiwola, as well as the feedback I am getting from my book on Amazon.com titled How to be successful at social media marketing, it has become apparent that I must reach out to more people on a daily/weekly basis to share knowledge and guide them through this massive opportunity that the internet, websites, social media, mobile apps, and other technological advancements are offering and how they can apply them to succeed in their businesses and reach personal fulfillment.

    The trends for Digital Marketing in 2019 include but are not limited to

    1. Artificial Intelligence

    2. Chatbots

    3. Omnichannel Marketing

    4. Accelerated Mobile Pages/Progressive web applications e.g https://cybuds.com/amp

    5. Email and Marketing Automation

    6. Live Video

    7. Voice Search

    8. Augmented reality/Virtual Reality

    9. Native Advertising

    10. User-generated Content

    11. Events and Experiences

    12. Adwords

    We discussed them earlier this year on my RC165FM.com (a Toronto, Canada based online radio channel) interview with Yolande and DJ Humble about Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 and to think that so much has changed since I published some articles on BusinessDay e.g Benefiting from social media in 2014 and 2015 will be a good year from businesses operating online, it is clear that I need to come out and engage more people on how to succeed in Digital Marketing often. I will talk about these trends in my future posts. 

    Like me, over Four Billion (4,000,000,000) users of the internet want to buy/sell products like laptops, phones, shoes, bags, etc and services like logistics delivery legal accounting, etc and the complex world of digital marketing comes with a lot of jargons that require someone who is knowledgeable to demystify/explain them and assist them to make sales.

    I will keep updating this blog while I look forward to direct messages via the livechat feature located at the lower left corner of the screen. Let me know if you have any questions discuss the following topics:

    Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Accelerated Mobile Pages, ChatBots, Artificial Intelligence, Long-Tail SEO, Short-tail SEO, Events and Experiences, Adwords, Adsense, Native Advertising, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, User Generated Content, Voice Search, Live Video, Email Marketing Automation, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing.

    I will be explaining them on this blog as we go along. Subscribe to my mailing list above and add me on WhatsApp  for daily notifications

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