IELTS one-on-one coaching

IELTS one-on-one coaching
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Over a hundred ten-minute or more hand-picked relevant youtube videos up to 3GB

Personal experience tips and tricks to write the exam that hasn't been published on youtube videos

Post-IELTS support for US/UK/Canadian/Australian immigration, visa processing, jobs, university admission and permanent residency

Bi-lingual support for pidgin and Yoruba speaking candidates

100% Pass Rate
Guaranteed Target Band 7+
50+ Free IELTS Practice Tests
Free Demo Class
Flexible timings
Unlimited Free repeat
Offering Affordable Prices
Proudly trained 2000+ students in Nigeria
Over 22 years of training Experience
100% Guarantee to get Listening 8 Reading 6.5 Writing 6 and Speaking 7.5 score for immigration


Watch my testimonial here

Watch the mistakes I made in IELTS reading and writing here 

When I was told that I needed to score a minimum of band 6.0 in the IELTS Academic Exam for the course I wanted to apply for in Canada, I told myself I will pass in one sitting and I will hit that target, so I started to do my research, watched a lot of YouTube videos on the IELTS Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing Tests. These videos helped me answer a lot of questions I had about the IELTS exam, however, I had specific questions and I needed someone to talk to, so I had to find an IELTS tutor or coach. I tried some mock mock tests and got some help with IELTS vocabulary, tips and tricks about how to answer IELTS questions, chunking and improving my English Grammer. Before IELTS, I was watching more movies from Hollywood and listening to Hip Hop music which mostly used American English but my coach advised me strongly against it. I got a lot of support through out the two-week period that I subscribed for and at the end of the day, I achieved my goal. I scored 7.0 overall, 6.0 in IELTS writing, 6.5 in IELTS reading, 7.5 in IELTS speaking and 8.5 in IELTS listening. Thank you very much for your one-on-one support and for encouraging me to start coaching others like me

-Idowu Olayiwola


N50,000 for two weeks


ABUJA: Suite 303, Amal Complex before Top Rank Hotel by Gimbiya Street Area 11 Garki. 08123181756

LAGOS: 33 Little Road, Sabo Yaba, Lagos. 08037830920

IBADAN: 2 Aare Avenue, New Bodija. 08052243964

ONLINE: Zoom/WhatsApp


Q: Am I required to take the IELTS?

A: Probably, if you are not a native English speaker and you want to work or study in a country where English is their native language. For example Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States, Sweden etc. Some universities in the United States require or prefer the TOEFL.

Q: Where can I take the IELTS?

A: The IELTS is available at about 1,100 test centres in 140 countries, usually in or around major cities. In Nigeria, the Computer Based Test is available in major cities while the paper-based test is available in smaller towns.

Q: How often is the IELTS offered?

A: As many as four times per month and 48 times per year, but availability at individual test centres may be less.

Q: Are there any limits to the number of times I can take the IELTS?

A: Students may take the IELTS as many times as they wish. There are no limits on the total number of test attempts or the number of attempts allowed within a given calendar year. There is also no waiting period to re-register for the exam.

Q: How long should I plan on preparing for the IELTS?

A: This depends on the level of your English, but we recommend at least two months for all students.

Q: What are the IELTS score ranges?

A: Each paper is awarded a band score of 0 to 9 in half-point increments. The total band score is the average of these four paper scores.

Q: What are the most common IELTS scores required by universities?

A: The average is probably about 6 or 6.5, but requirements usually range from 5.5 to 7.0. A few schools may expect higher scores.

Q: What is the average IELTS score for all test-takers?

A: According to IELTS, the mean total band scores are about 5.9 (academic) and 6.2 (general training).

Q: How widely is the IELTS accepted?

A: IELTS acceptance is universal in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Most (though not all) universities in the United States will consider IELTS scores.

Q: What's the best book for IELTS study?

A: The most reliable source is the Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for Academic and General Training.

Q: Aside from universities, who else uses the IELTS?

A: IELTS scores may be used to qualify for immigration visas in some countries, and the test may also satisfy the language requirement for professional licenses (the general training and life skills tests are most often used for these purposes).

Q: How do I learn about IELTS policies and procedures?

A: The IELTS website provides downloadable documents that describe the rules for registration and testing.


IELTS Instruction

Regardless of a student's level of English language knowledge, the IELTS is an exam that requires comprehensive preparation. Test-takers must be familiar with the types of exercises they will encounter on the test, and they must also be able to answer questions quickly in order to receive optimal scores. Professional instruction is the most reliable way to secure passing IELTS scores, and test prep firms usually offer a number of options (such as online or on-site courses and private tutoring plans). These courses can be expensive, but the results of this type of study are proven (assuming that qualified firms and teachers are chosen). Professional instructors can address common student preparation issues, offer encouragement and positive reinforcement of skills, help design plans for study outside of the classroom, and administer diagnostic assessments. For these reasons, formal IELTS study is almost always better than informal programs of self-study.

IELTS Online Preparation Resources and Aids

The IELTS website provides several study aids, including sample test questions (free), two volumes of official practice materials with CD or DVD (£12.74 each), and links to preparation courses affiliated with official IELTS test centres. Test-takers may also download helpful documents on IELTS scoring, test design, and test policies.

Books on the IELTS

The most important volume on the IELTS is the Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for Academic and General Training. This book includes comprehensive coverage of all IELTS sections, 8 practice tests, answer keys and answer sheets, and recording scripts. It is easily available from online bookstores for approximately $35. Some test prep companies have released their own guides to the IELTS, but these materials should be considered unofficial because the test's creators were not involved in their production.

IELTS Practice Tests

The website of the British Council offers free practice tests for the IELTS academic and general training tests. Unofficial guides usually contain practice tests that may be of value, but students must understand that these practice materials have not been vetted by IELTS. All IELTS study plans should include extensive practice testing at regular intervals throughout the preparation period. Practice testing develops IELTS skills, builds testing endurance, and boosts student confidence.

Preparing for IELTS Retakes

Students taking the IELTS again must ensure that their study routine is substantially improved, probably with some sort of professional assistance. Otherwise, there is no reason to expect higher sectional or composite scores. IELTS research indicates that international students often find it more difficult to increase their scores in speaking and writing than in listening and reading. Individual study plans should nonetheless focus on a given's student's specific weaknesses.



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