how to be successful at digital marketing

How to be Successful at Digital Marketing


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My first book titled “How to be successful at social media marketing,” was an eye opener for me. While my intention was to enlighten more people about lessons I have learnt over a decade of my career and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs to be successful online; it soon became more obvious to me that I love to write and speak about what I know and practice. While this book is not about me, it is not my autobiography, it is hard to teach a subject like this without connecting the fundamental principles in it to my character and personality, in other words, I practice and believe strongly in what I am teaching.
I believe in the power of digital marketing to take local businesses to a global scale - To reach more customers and clients across borders, to make more impact and more profits. I believe that my home country Nigeria has been leveraging on many other resources but this one. I have been at the forefront of setting up and managing the digital marketing strategies for numerous brands in Nigeria and I have never been surer that most people do not understand what is going on in this digital marketing space thus the need for me to contribute this book to the subject