DealDey launches more awoof

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Are you a merchant, distributor or importer? Do you have slow-moving/open-box inventory that has been a source of worry to you for a while? Electronics? Home Appliances? Gadgets? Furniture? Are you already counting losses on the stock-pile of inventory that can still bring you some returns to you if fed to the right audience? Seeking a visible platform to sell them off quickly and still make money? 

DealDey, Nigeria’s best Online Store and Daily Deals website, recently launched a liquidation platform that focuses on this kind of merchandise at ridiculously discounted prices. This category is called ‘CARRY GO!'

Merchandise in this category usually are aged stock, slow movers and products that have superficial blemishes which do not alter the general functionality of the product. All products on Carry Go are DealDey has successfully cleared out stock-piled inventory ranging from generators, television sets, air conditioners, kitchen appliances and lots more from the warehouses of notable brands within a few weeks. Your business can experience the same boost!



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