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Digital Marketing hasn't changed in the last 12 years. The only thing that has changed is your awareness.

So I just had a delicious Pasta and Chicken combo at TFC and relaxed a bit to take a selfie as I thought about how we won the brief to create their online presence in 2007. That year, my logical mind was coming to the conclusion that by this year 2019, we would have home delivery as the main way we buy fast food but sadly I was wrong.

Nothing changed, thus the boring look on my face. The idea didn't scale. I still have to go to a fast-food restaurant to buy food. Home delivery is still not really competing with the eat-in option. But does that mean the budget of TFC to create an online presence was totally wasted? Not really.

Sometimes business decisions are made because your competitors are leveraging on certain ideas and opportunities that might make them stand out in your customer's mind so you must explore those opportunities too. Sometimes making a sale or balancing your balance sheet today might mean killing your business in 10 years... This happens 99% of the time according to statistics - people make sales at the expense of their long term business goals.

12 years ago when I was working all night to animate the menu menu... No that's not a typo, the website menu of the TFC website was a food menu that displayed the page you would visit at every mouse over, I thought I was in the web design industry but today, it is clearer to me that I was in the digital marketing industry where my clients' business success is my success.

I am glad that Tastee Fried Chicken is still here today, I am glad that I am still here today and it can only be traced back to their commitment to delivering their promises to #customers as I enjoyed my meal, I thought of the slogan "We do chicken right" which has now changed to "we do you right" to focus the brand on "you" not 🐔 chicken. Maybe that's why I am still in this business today, my focus has shifted from design and coding to "YOU".

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