Did you miss me? I missed you, let's discuss the last two weeks

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It's been a minute, I know, but I think I have had writer's block over the last two weeks and keeping up with this weekly journal is getting harder and harder but I am glad to be writing to you again today. I want to show you HOW I BROUGHT MY INSTAGRAM OUT OF DEPRESSION, The OPAY Invisible Layer Strategy and How not to build certainty on uncertainty. In closing, I will discuss my solution to the Crisis of FBI arresting Nigerian Yahoo Boys

Maybe I have not been able to write because no major events have happened over the past two weeks but in Lasisi's voice Sumjushappenrighnow

MY INSTAGRAM IS NO LONGER DEPRESSED: I just tried the POD for Instagram Engagement and my Instagram posts have seen an engagement increase rate of over 500% because of this discovery alone. First time I heard of the Instagram POD I thought it was unnecessary but the way the Instagram algorithm is blocking posts from being shown to my followers, I knew I had to do something. I tried it and it worked for engagement. Let's see if it will work for selling too. Join My Instagram POD here

I just discovered The Opay Invisible Layer Strategy and it is the reason why OPay Is Emerging As Nigeria’s Most Potent Fintech. To summarize this, OPay is cutting marginal costs i.e Transactional Costs + Delivery Costs in order to reduce commission fees and maximize customer satisfaction. The marginal costs have become the invisible layer so we can say bye-bye to any business that is based on transaction fees in the near future. If you have a startup idea and you are thinking of applying this to your business, let's discuss

I just discovered that you cannot build certainty on uncertainty. You have done it, I have done it, we have all done it. What does this mean? In asking for your next goal from the world, you have to let everyone know what exactly you have to offer. You can demonstrate the certainty you posses via your Curriculum Vitae/Resume if you are looking for a job, proposals, agreements (with a reputation for being a responsible person this should work), a budget, pitch decks (if you are looking for capital), Readymade products and services with a guarantee that you will satisfy your customers and clients, most of all, the number one problem that digital marketers have - A DEFINITE PLAN, Find out more in my book titled "How to be successful at digital marketing" here 

This email will be incomplete if I don't tell you that Flutterwave can now credit my bank account immediately a customer pays on my website unlike before when I had to wait for 24 hours before I get value delivered. They call it INSTANT SETTLEMENT

In conclusion, Ebola now has a cure, Have you heard of WorldRemit? I got paid last week through them regardless of the negative reviews they are having and Kobo360 raised $30,000,000 from Goldmann Sachs. It is time for your business to GO GLOBAL too. The FBI arrests of 80 Nigerians #IgboYahooBoys is one of the trending topics on Twitter and much has been said, all I can contribute to the topic is that we need to be like God who created the heavens and earth out of a formless void by speaking it into existence.

Ephesians 5
1. So try to be like God, because you are his own dear children.
2. Love others as Christ has loved us. He gave his life for us, a sweet-smelling offering and a sacrifice to God.

If you try to be like God, you will never have FBI issues. See you next week.

PS: I don't own the Aston Martin, na borrow pose wink


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