Can you believe that I predicted that people will have to work from home in 2005

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It has been fifteen years since I chose my career as a digital marketer. I started as a web developer, learning HTML and CSS then PHP. I always knew the day would come that all social gatherings would be questioned as we have it today. I am partly surprised that it took so long. I am also glad that I built an ark along with many other businesses like Google who had the foresight. Now you do not need to fear to be alone because we are here for you.
As many traditional classrooms transition into online learning platforms working from home, we’d like to share the most comprehensive digital marketing course we recommend while you work from home. You get certified by Google and coached by Cyberbuddies so that you can be Certified and successful in spite of the Global  indefinite #Lockdowns

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Let's be clear on this, anyone can call you a Certified and Successful Digital Marketer. It is their opinion and they are entitled to it, however, in this global village where everyone is trying to be the best, guess who is in the best position to call you a "Certified Digital Marketer"? You guessed it, GOOGLE. *Insert smiley and bow out*

Oh, before I forget to explain "Successful", who is in the best position to call you successful? YOU, your feelings, your beliefs, your knowledge of who you are, the quality of people around you; your personal standards and values, the number of resources you own and the amount of income they generate for you. While it is OK to sometimes lack imagination and have built-in prejudices, you are still obviously who you think you are because as a man thinks so is he - The book of Proverbs

If you are satisfied with where you are right now, you don't need to continue reading this email but if you want more success and certification especially in the digital world, you need to "keep trying proven success methods and pick up new positive habits". That's how 99% of success coaches articulate it. Guess who can show you what they did or what others are doing to keep getting more successful online? You guessed it again, GOOGLE. *Insert wink*

Become a Successful Google Cerfified Digital Marketer Now

It has been scientifically proven that it takes thirty days to pick up new habits, so I highly recommend that you take the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course by Google and join our online classes to help you gain a deeper understanding of the course so that you can localize it to suit your particular case and that's where we come in. 

Why Cyberbuddies?

We are Google certified Digital Marketers with over a decade of experience working with people like you to make hundreds of their businesses succeed online. We have authored best selling books on the subject translated to several languages. We have coached several participants to get their certification. See what our participants have to say about us:

1. You can get to ask questions about anything relating to selling products and services online
2. With online classroom training, students are around peers. This allows for team building, as people are joining together to work out basic problems and find solutions as a group.
3. An e-classroom enables a learner to experience support from peers and instructors. This gives a sense of encouragement and belonging to the student, allowing more time to learn things properly
4. Our participants work in Banks, Insurance companies, Oil and Gas Companies, Government, Agriculture,  Advertizing Agencies, Logistics companies, Sports Betting Companies, some are Entrepreneurs and they come from different cultures and countries
5. After the training, you will have access to better GLOBAL jobs, a promotion at your current job and more sales if you are an entrepreneur.

What's more?

240+ Hrs of Learning 
140+ Hrs of Assignments & Case Studies
Led by Industry Experts
Live Instructor-led

How much is it?

The course is broken down into sessions so that anyone can get started at any time that they are comfortable with. It is scheduled for 8 Hours daily from Monday to Saturday between 9am to 5pm

₦250,000 / $700 / £560 / €625  for 30 days
₦80,000 / $225 / £180 / €200 for 7 days
₦12,000 / $34 / £28 / €30 for 1 day

Can I get a discount?

You can get a 20% discount if you sign up before April 7th. Use cyberbuddies20 coupon code at check out

Payment Methods

We accept PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave Rave, Voguepay, Mastercard, VISA, Verve, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, Cryptocurrencies and bank transfer

Can I start now and pay later?

Of course you can. Use the Flutterwave Rave option at checkout and choose Kwikmoney to make the payment. You do not need to have cash in your bank account to become certified and successful
Rave + kwikmoney = More certification and success For You! 

"People who waste time waiting for all the perfect conditions to fall into place never get anything done. The ideal time for action is now! - Mark Fisher

Yours Truly

Idowu Olayiwola
Cyberbuddies Ltd


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